Nelson vs, The United States of America 

"A System in Denial: A Book for the World for the 21st Century. On the back of the Book there is a an Eagle called Miss America: A book for the World for the 21st Century. Now, it all makes sense, to why I was born. To Wake Up America!!!  "." 

By Nelson Vs The United States of America Marcus Giavanni | Published Dec 24, 1998 9:11 AM | Updated; Dec 25, 1998 9:11 PM | Update; May 5, 2023 11:24 AM

Nelson Vs. the United States of America: A System in Denial : Marcus Giavanni : G & B Pub., 1998 - Trials (Extortion) - 484 pages

The book recounts day by day how the FBI investigators somehow centered the entire extortion plot around Nelson and another innocent man whose only mistake was to spend fifteen minutes chatting by the lake, and then to stop at a fast food restaurant for a hamburger. Nelson fit the profile that the FBI had in mind - a long pony tail, a cellular phone, and a red Corvette which he liked to drive fast. From this harmless set of facts grew an inconsistent FBI surveillance log, incredibly biased misstatements of the truth, and wholly contrived witness statements, all elaborately tailored to inplicate Nelson. Other evidence of Nelson's innocence and the unreliability of the existing evidence was simply ignored, including an FBI wiretap conversation between the real extortionist and his accomplice discussing the extortion plot in detail. The real extortionist admitted that he had no idea who the FBI had arrested. Nevertheless, Nelson was indeed arrested with his photo plastered all over the Phoenix newspapers. Nelson's life would never be the same.